Monday, March 14, 2016

Composition #4--G-string Notes

composition elementary orchestra G string notes

I keep hoping that one of these years I'll land on the composition template that works and then be able to just keep reusing that one.  However, that hasn't happened yet, and I keep tweaking these composition sheets to make them easier to read or to fit where each orchestra is each year.  For example, last year when we got to the G string composition, we were at the point in the book where we were exploring tempo markings and dynamics.  I also included some optional extensions (write a duet, create lyrics, etc.).  This year, we're just not quite there yet, but it's getting to be time to write a new composition.  Last year, I made time at the beginning of the year to practice drawing the appropriate clef for each instrument.  This year, we talked about the clef, but drawing it wasn't part of that first open-string composition.  To better fit where we are at this point of the year, I did some combining and editing of a couple older worksheets. I have two different versions of the G-string composition.  And already I'm thinking of ways to update it for future example doesn't use all of the notes of the G string, and the G string notes that are included aren't labeled as a reference.  Hmm...

Composition #4 (G-string notes; includes tempo/dynamics/extensions):

Composition #4 (G-string notes; includes practice drawing the appropriate clef):

Feel free to take either and adjust it to fit your students' current needs--enjoy!

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